You're next visit to Hanging Lake might make your wallet a little lighter. A proposed hiking trail fee is on the table.The Glenwood Springs Fire Department is suggesting a new access fee for visitors. The reasoning behind this is the that Glenwood Springs FD is responsible for emergency calls out at Hanging Lake and they are severely understaffed to properly respond. Fire Chief Gary Tillotson believes that the fee would first help limit the number of hikers, therefore reducing the possibility of more emergency calls. Second, it would help fund the hiring of additional fire department staff and allow the Forest Service to have regularly staffed rangers out on those trails.

The number of calls the Glenwood Springs FD responds to out at Hanging Lake may not seem like a lot, but every time they have to respond out there, it takes away from the crew in case of another possible emergency call. Hanging Lake calls usually take two to three hours.

No actual dollar amounts were discussed. But, is there a fee limit that you would be alright with paying at Hanging Lake. Seems like a responsible proposal.

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