2020 was a rough year for a lot of reasons in Colorado and beyond, but one popular destination in Western Colorado had it especially rough; the beautiful and renowned Hanging Lake. However, the beautiful attraction will be reopening soon, with some changes to be implemented.

Hanging Lake is set to reopen for the season this Saturday, May 1st, with reservations available at only $12 a piece.

However, there will be some changes as to how hikers will be able to get to the destination. The biggest change to come to Hanging Lake this year will be the lack of shuttles from Glenwood Springs, where now visitors will either have to drive to the parking lot below and park or ride bicycles to the trailhead.

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Hanging Lake was met with a series of hardships last year, including the Grizzly Creek fire that happened just below the lake in Glenwood Canyon but luckily once the fire was put out it was found that the popular destination was unscathed by the blaze.

The lake was also forced due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year up until June 1st, 2020, which was only a couple of months before the fire which, of course, caused it to close down again.

In addition, the attraction was again forced to close down because of the infamous David Lesh, a Denver man that owns a clothing company called Virtika that posted pictures of himself on his social media as he was walking across a log on the lake which is prohibited due to the fragile ecosystem in the area.

Reservations to visit Hanging Lake are available now via Visit Glenwood.

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