District 51 schools are in rough shape. We rank 165 out of 178 school districts statewide.

An increase in your property tax and a bond measure are definite possible solutions to this issue.

School board President John Williams told KKCO NEWS that

'we have buildings that are falling down, we have curriculum materials that haven't been replaced since the mid 1990's. I think our kids in a lot of ways are being short changed.'

The state of Colorado's Department of Education reports that District 51 spends around $400 less per student that the statewide average. That equates to about $7,042 per student.

School board members state that the district has definite money problems and they need to be seriously looked at immediately. New lesson plans and $50 million to begin fixing and renovating some of the buildings, to begin with.

It looks like this may be on the ballot this November. Is this a major priority for our residents? How would you vote?

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