Our own Senator Ray Scott, from Grand Junction, is proposing an additional tax on bikes in the state of Colorado.

The Denver Post ran an article on the efforts of Sen. Ray Scott to create a 'dedicated fund' to help raise money that would go towards improving bike lanes and to ensure that riding stays safe and accessible to Colorado riders. They share the road, why not share the cost?

That's one side of the issue.

The other is that sales tax revenue from purchasing a bicycle in Colorado already goes to those types of issues such as trail and road upkeep. Taxing bikes would probably cause a large decline in the number of riders here in the state and that may even visit Colorado from other places.

All I know is I really dislike the word TAX. Aren't we taxed enough? Riders have to pay tax on their bikes, helmet, riding gear, carriers, and on and on. PLUS, the upfront registration fee has a tax on it. In my opinion, I think we can leave the bikes alone. NO NEW TAXES!

Where have we heard that before?

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