How much longer is THIS going to go on for? Does anyone know what they are trying to accomplish?

This intersection is a disaster. Whoever built it should be caned and flogged. Well, maybe not that drastic of measures, but getting from North Avenue to Rim Rock Avenue is like a real life, a scary-ass video game. You have to cross over 5 lanes of traffic (going 55 miles per hour, mind you), in less than a quarter mile. It scares me every single time.

Going the opposite way is not any better. Sometimes I find it easier to just stay on 6 & 50 until I hit Grand and take that way.

What should have been done is to construct some sort of a more typical on-ramp, off-ramp system. At one point, they should have just completely scrapped everything and started over. It just seems like it was simply getting band-aids put on it, instead of a complete renovation, as the population grew and traffic increased.

Hopefully, this project is doing something to improve the situation.


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