Do you have an old, worn U.S. flag in need of "retirement"? Where can you go in Grand Junction to properly dispose of a worn flag?

This sign was spotted in the window at the True Value hardware store on Orchard Mesa. Upon seeing the sign, I spoke to the manager for details.

According to the on-duty manager, worn U.S. flags can be brought to the store, preferably in a box or container. They can be relinquished to any clerk.

Then what? As it turns out, the owner of the True Value store is a member of the Lions Club. He meets with them a couple of times per month, at which time he turns over the flags. From there, the Lions have arrangements with a veterans organization which handles the retirement of the flags.

As you know, there are a few protocols when it comes to disposing of a flag. In some cases, there are costs involved. That is not the case here. Simply take the worn flag to the store at 2686 Highway 50 in Grand Junction and turn it over to them. They will handle it from there.

Obviously, there are other options when it comes to retiring a U.S. Flag. Several organizations, including the American Legion, and even the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, have been known to handle the disposal of flags. The Orchard Mesa True Value is simply another convenient option.

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