Colorado's population at the time of the last census was right around 5.83 million people. Just a few years later the state continues to grow, but it's not in some of the areas you might expect. Grand Junction has grown by about 1% in population since 2020.

Communities like Timnath, Castle Rock, and Broomfield continue to add thousands of residents over on the Front Range, but what about the communities that are losing residents around the state? And which ones are they?

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Colorado Communities Seeing a Dip in Population

It's one of the most beautiful places in Colorado, but data shows people are leaving Vail since the 2020 census. Avon, Sterling, Craig, Palisade, Orchard Mesa, and other communities have all seen a reduction in residents according to a review of the state's numbers by World Population Review. We'll examine these further in the gallery below.

Which Colorado Communities Gained Residents?

Blue Sky, Colorado has seen their population increase by 5% since 2020. Other places on the rise include Trailside, Deertrail, Aetna Estates, Meridian, Dacono, Timnath, Twin Lakes, Milliken, Monument, Berthoud, Johnstown, Erie, and Windsor all saw nice increases.

Mesa County Shows Up 3 Times

Mesa county shows up in the top 25 three different times on the list from World Population Review. Decreases in Palisade, Orchard Mesa, and Collbran are all in the top 25. Would you believe the community of Collbran, Colorado actually leads the entire state for the largest decrease in population? Collbran is down 11.3% since 2020.

See the 25 towns with the largest reduction in population below.

See the Top 25 Colorado Communities Losing Residents Since 2020

Coloradans have been on the move since the 2020 census, and it's interesting seeing the places they are moving from. Surprises in the gallery below include one of Colorado's largest skiing communities and 3 different towns all in Mesa County. Scroll on to see the 25 communities with the biggest dips in population over the last couple of years.

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