Are you missing something? A man's wedding band was found in Orchard Mesa. The person responsible for finding it desperately wants to locate the owner.

A post went up a couple of days ago on the site Nextdoor. Since then a handful of people have chimed in, hoping the ring was theirs. Unfortunately, thus far, none have proven to be the proper owner.

This is straight out of The Lord of the Rings. Just like that story, in this case, the ring wants to find its way home. It wants to be found. Oddly, it seems men losing their wedding bands is a fairly common occurrence.

This situation is complicated further by the fact the ring does not include any names or engraving. The only clue we have to go on is the ring is titanium. Sound familiar?

Obviously, the photo above is not the ring in question. That's a stock image. Details about the ring are being withheld to ensure the proper owner is found. If you believe it's yours, be prepared to describe the ring in detail.

If you've lost your wedding band, you can either log on to (and sign up if you're not already a member) or you can reach out to me here at the station, and I'll connect you.

Let's all do something decent in the middle of this current crisis and help get this ring back to Mordor. Sorry, I meant to say we should get this ring back to its proper owner. Someone out there is missing it and is unaware it has been found. Let's connect the dots and get this ring back home.

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