There's the Fruita Vampire, the white lady and, of course, the Curse. But, now what? Crop Circles in Grand Junction? Do you believe?


Check out these bizarre X-shaped designs. We found these right here in Grand Junction. Are extraterrestrials trying to tell us something? Well, maybe not. But, it does kick-start the discussion about UFO's, aliens, and E.T.

The Morning Show crew are all huge fans of TV shows such as Ancient Aliens and Hangar 1 The UFO Files. It's really quite amazing to hear about civilizations that lived thousands of years ago and their possible connections to extraterrestrials.

  • The Great Pyramids - Check out this theory. It will make you think. We have all been taught that slaves built these awe-inspiring structures. Some do not think so.
  • The Nazca Lines - More than 50 miles of ancient designs in the desert of Peru, but how and why? This article explains a very well know theory.
  • Puma Punku - Located in Bolivia, this set of ruins dates from 1510 B.C. With no machines and rudimentary tools, how were these Indian people able to build this?

There are countless, amazing structures all over the world that some say, could not have been built with the limited technology these people had at the time. It's pretty mind-boggling to read about many of these places and what they have in common including latitude, use of constellations especially Orion's Belt, the Summer solstice, matching images, design techniques and so on. Closer to home, how about Utah and Wyoming as places ancient aliens have been? Maybe even here in Grand Junction, well maybe not.

If aliens had built this place, they would have constructed some of our street intersections A LOT better!

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