Take a look at the Top 5 items on this week's Grand Junction Craigslist. Included pictures do not represent the actual items.

Wedding Ring for sale. Will accept trades. Cars, ATV, firearms, flatbed trailer. Ain't love grand? Both engagement and wedding bands. White gold. Retails at $2700.

Opening Night Of LA Shorts Fest '09 - Red Carpet
Jason Merritt/Getty

Models Wanted for Photo Shoots - If you're feeling photogenic and looking to add to your portfolio, this might be for you. Oh yeah, gonna have to nude though. AND no mention of any pay.

Emily Ratajkowski naked in the bathtub
Instagram / Emily Ratajkowski

Love at First Sight? - If you are a female and you were in the Safeway by Redlands Liquor on Sunday buying vegetables, someone would like to meet you. It's Missed Encounter.

Las Vegas Wedding Chapels
Getty Images/TSM

Country Jam VIP Tickets - Why not go in style? This sounds like a pretty decent offer. Section C seats 19-20. $425 per day. Just make sure it's all on the up and up. There are scams out there.

Brad Paisley Country Jam
Brad Paisley

FREE Llama - Two words that sound great together. Who wants to give this fella a new home? Not good with sheep or goats though.


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Just remember that old saying 'Buyer Beware.' KEKB is NOT responsible for any of these posts or the authenticity of any of these items.

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