Colorado's outdoor beauty is meant for everyone to enjoy.

But many places did not have the ADA (Americans with Disability Act) in mind when they created the means to get to some of the most beautiful scenery found anywhere, but recently areas around the state have put more thought into accessibility and we wanted to share them with you.

While there are some paths in the park that have steps and are mostly dirt and rocks, the main path is paved and chair accessible. The paved path also has the best views. There are many things you can see or do here.

Did you know the Seven Falls has an elevator? It's a fact, and right across from the falls giving you one amazing view. And while the path to the top of the falls themselves has steps, the view across from them is much better. There is a shuttle taking you from the parking lot to the falls as well.

The Recpath is made entirely of asphalt, making it easier for wheelchair-bound outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy some amazing views all along the path.

Just a short route from the parking lot to the falls, and it's paved. The views here of not only the falls but the lushness surrounding them is just amazing in summer.

From one end to the other of the canyon, all paved as it runs along the river, offering many places to stop and enjoy the beauty of nature. Some slight inclines may be a challenge for some, but overall you can't beat the canyon for more of those "I've never seen that before" moments.

A few ideas to get out and enjoy this spring and summer.

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