Summer is at an end, so it's time to think about doing those fall things you always love to do.

We love a good party, and there is no better way to party outdoors than at a fall festival. There are quite a few, so get your vehicle ready, we're heading out on a road trip!

Live music, exceptional food and one colorful place to enjoy it all. The great chili cook-off is one event everyone looks forward to. Who doesn't like an award-winning bowl of chili? September 27-30 are the dates, Paonia is the place!

Elk Fest - Estes Park

Listen and you will hear the mating call of the elk. That sound is what got this event started, and what better way to celebrate fall then with food, beer, fun, and that amazing sound?

Applefest - Cedaredge

There is a lot to do and see here. Musical acts, car shows, rodeo and a lot more. There are a lot of different food options as well, with chili cookoffs, burger frying and pancakes! Don't miss this one!

Punkin' Chunkin Aurora

How far can a pumpkin get chucked if you were to chuck a pumpkin? Apparently pretty far with some of the contraptions they use. A lot of fun things to do as well, like a pumpkin patch or pony rides and how about checking out someone carving a pumpkin with a chainsaw? This sounds like a lot of fun.

I am a sucker for a good festival, and these are just fun.

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