How to have colored deviled eggs and the easiest way to dye eggs ever!

When my mom told me she was going to do this to our deviled eggs I thought they sounded very unappetizing! But as you can see they turned out great!

For Colorful Deviled Eggs:

  • Once you've remove shells
  • Fill a cup half full with tap water
  • Add amount of food coloring you want
  • Dip egg until they're the color you want
  • Remove and proceed with your normal recipe

My mom also suggested this for my 3 year old son and it has to be the easiest way to dye eggs ever!

Dye Eggs
Mack Dodge

Easiest Easter Egg Dye:

  • Fill squirt bottle with tap water
  • Add small amount of Kool-aid mix to a zip lock bag (use multiple flavors for different colors)
  • Spray boiled egg lightly with water
  • Place in zip lock bag
  • Roll around till you're pleased with the results
  • Remove and place back in egg container to dry (they stay a little sticky while being refrigerated)

Do you have any tips or tricks you can share with us for next Easter! Give us your feedback in the comment section below and we might use them on air!

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