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The crew at Board Fox Games in downtown Grand Junction wanted to 'brighten one server's day this Holiday Season' and they did that and more. They collected tips and matched them at their store, and wound up with over $2,200 in tip money.

The store in Grand Junction asked the community to vote for which local restaurant should score this gratuitous gratuity. Board Fox Games ended up going to two different restaurants in downtown Grand Junction, 626 on Rood and The Goat and Clover Tavern.

Here's what Board Fox Games did with the $2,281.56 that was a combination of donations and money matched.

First Stop: 626 on Rood

The first stop they made was 626 on Rood. According to Board Fox Games' Facebook, their server, Gail, and the staff got a $1,081.56 tip. This is absolutely amazing that they tipped over $1,000.The owner of Board Fox was a waitress at one point in time and knows it's been a tough year so she wanted to give back and spread the Christmas spirit -- and this was only the first stop.

Second Stop: Goat and Clover

The second stop that Board Fox Games made to spread the Christmas spirit with a gratuitous gratuity was the Goat and Clover Tavern. They tipped their two servers Hannah and Tony $600 each.

This tip money could go toward rent, groceries, Christmas presents, gas and so much more. It's so great to see our community open their hearts and help each other during the holidays, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

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