This month we're reviewing coping tips and relaxation techniques for you and your family! Find out how to make your own stress ball . . .

Today we're chatting with Amy from Mind Springs Health.

Using a stress ball is a great way to calm down, but, but some folks can't use the store bought balls, like my mom who has arthritis or my son who chews them to pieces!

So make your own!


  • Balloon
  • Funnel
  • Flour
  • Pencil with eraser

Step one: Place neck of balloon and place over spout of funnel.

Step two: Fill with flour and use pencil eraser side to tamp into balloon.

Step three: Remove balloon carefully and tie off

Final Step for Kids: I promise to tell mom if it breaks and help clean it up!

Here's what our local expert Amy from Mind Springs Health had to say:

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