Have you seen Downtown Assisted Living, the facility that opened a few months ago in Grand Junction? If you drive by today, you'll see it's empty. That was fast.

You probably witnessed the construction and remodel which ran from 2017 into 2019. I stopped by in November 2017 to do a little walk through and shoot the video you see above. The project was well under way at that time. According to the foreman I spoke with, the project was slated at one year.

I stopped by again late in 2018 to watch one of the final touches; a concrete pour in the lobby area. A little more time passed, and the facility opened.

Yesterday, April 15, 2019, KKCO 11 News reported Grand Junction police responded to the location at after learning a resident was still inside the abandoned building.

It was abandoned, there was nobody around, the lights weren’t on. It was really sad. We walked around a little bit and you could smell rotting food. It just wasn’t a good environment. - Sarah Lamonica with The Lodge at Grand Junction via KKCO 11 News

We looked up the property on Realtor.com, and they are now listing apartments for rent from $695 to $995 per month.

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