What in the world is cytospora canker you may be asking? Fungus might be the more familiar name that most of you would recognize. Cytospora fungus is a lethal weapon to the peach trees here on the Western Slope.

Erin McIntyre writes in “The Daily Sentinel” how the fungus is killing the peach trees along the Western Slope.

That would be absolutely devastating as the peaches around here are amazing.  Seriously, the sweet taste of goodness is full of flavor and juice. I’ve lived in Georgia, “The Peach Tree State,” and honestly I’d say the peaches here are better.

I’ve learned that cytospora is nothing new for the peach-tree farmers in the area, but it does cause great concern, loss of money and a tremendous amount of trees. Plant pathologists from Colorado State University are working towards a solution to prevent this infection to our wonderful peach trees. Thus far, the best results have come from latex paint.

My personal concern would be the ramifications of us eating the peaches. I guess we will know more as time goes on.

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