A group of people in Boulder are drinking their pee and using it topically to benefit their health. The Urine Therapy Meetup happens once a month in Boulder.

This group of people in Boulder all either drink urine or use it for topical treatment, according to CBS19. The Urine Therapy Meetup is once a month the public library in Boulder.

One of the group members uses it to treat eczema, by soaking their hands in their own urine. Another uses it for various ailments, and according to CBS 19 she:

In the morning that is the first thing I do. Let some part [of the urine] go, take the middle part, put it in my eyes, put it in my face, and just have some Chai in the morning.

I don't know about you but I'm cringing just thinking about this. There's a lot of bacteria in your urine and I'm not convinced it'd better your health.

One woman at the Urine Therapy Meetup came to learn more about it, she started off by soaking her feet in her own urine. Then at a meeting, the group encouraged her to go further. When she got home from the meeting, she collected some of her urine and downed it all like a shot.

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