These parents are showing their 30-year-old son some tough love after a judge ruled he must move out of their house.

Kids are living with their parents longer and longer these days, but these parents didn't want their son freeloading off of them any longer. So they took the case to court.

30-year-old, Michael Rotondo of Camillus, New York lived with his parents rent-free for eight years. He started living there after he lost custody of his on. According to Rotondo, his parents "suggested" he move out in October, that's when he stopped speaking to them.

Remember, this cat is 30 years old.

He says he doesn't bother them by staying there, and that it's "little to no cost to them."

I mean, Rotondo says his parents harrassed him --like, asking to pull his own weight, I assume-- and they should just let him stay there and use their electricity and hot water.

On Tuesday, May 22, a New York State Supreme Justice ruled in favor of the parents stating Rotondo must move out. He plans on appealing the decision.

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