Honking at this house in Colorado has turned into a phenomenon, and it's supposed to bring you good luck.

Located in the small town of Maysville, Colorado, this quaint home is known as the Yellow Honk House, receives over 100 honks a day. Why?!

According to current owners, Jim and his wife Kathy, the house was owned by Harry Miller. Harry used to move his chair to the window to watch people drive by. He would wave at the cars, who would wave back and eventually began honking.

Jim and Kathy embraced the annoying habit, saying,

It’s turned into this great phenomenon where people know they’re supposed to honk. They don’t know why, but they know they’re supposed to.

People feel it's a good omen, especially before travelling over Monarch Pass.

The beeping starts early in the morning and usually ends in the evening, although some honking happens at unwanted hours.

If you're up for a peaceful weekend away, you can stay at the Yellow Honk House for $75 a night.

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