A very unique Northern Colorado staple is about to be a done deal forever. The Swetsville Zoo which is in Timnath right off Harmony a little East of I-25 has been sold.

The random and unique spot that confused me a bit when I first saw it was a really neat spot to walk through for free and explore a world of art created by Bill Swets that featured dinosaurs, cars, space ships, and giant bugs all welded together by Mr. Swets himself.

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At first, many people (me included) didn't know if this was simply something you could look at and appreciate from a distance due to it being on private property or if you could stroll through but for years, this has been something that Bill has put together for the public to enjoy with free walkthroughs and tours but all of that is about to come to an end.

Timnath has grown rapidly and continues to do so and that is a prime property that is now worth about a few million dollars. Not sure what it was worth when he bought it back in the day but I'm guessing it was a lot less so while we're losing a cool thing, Mr. Swets is about to cash in and good for him.

The property is being purchased by Windsor-based developer Liz Newman and the McCauley Development Group.

According to early plans, they're looking at putting up multipurpose developments, housing, retail, and entertainment areas with direct access to the river on the west side of the Poudre River, closer to Costco.

The East side is looking like it's going to be more housing and retail stuff that will feature walking bridges to access both sides of the river easily.

While changes are certainly coming to that popular spot, they are looking to still keep some of the artwork and incorporate that into the new development.

"I feel it is important to keep some of the art and put that into the development as much as I can to pay homage to Mr. Swets," Newman said. "People who have lived here all their lives have come here as children to visit these beautiful pieces of art. His art has been here for so many years. And, it's a part of the fabric of Fort Collins and Larimer County."

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The Swetsville Zoo has been a Fort Collins tourist attraction since 1985, with between 15,000 and 20,000 visitors every year. But, now the owner, 78-year-old Bill Swets wants to sell the 36-acre tract of land located on Harmony Road near Interstate 25. The asking price is $10.5 million - and you're going to have to provide your own animals.

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