Did you see the movie "National Lampoon's Vacation"? If you saw the movie, then you most certainly know who Cousin Eddie is. Do you recall his house in Kansas? Well, it's not in Kansas, it's actually in Colorado, and you can drive by it.

Cousin Eddie and his whole "fam damily" lived on a dirty little homestead, supposedly in Kansas. In reality, the homestead is located 21 miles west of Pueblo, Colorado. Would you like to take a visit?

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One of the Funniest Scenes in Movie History

National Lampoon's Vacation, released in 1983, is an American classic. There's a strong probability you and your family have taken a similar vacation.

One stop along the voyage involves a detour to Beverly D'Angelo's cousin's house, located "somewhere in Kansas." Well, that's Hollywood fiction for you. Look up IMDb, search National Lampoons Vacation, and you'll discover that part of the movie was actually filmed in Boone, Colorado.

Where to Find Cousin Eddie's Homestead

Believe it or not, you'll find Cousin Eddie's on US-50W, just 21.8 miles west of Colorado's I-25. Get ready for some genuine hillbilly directions to find the place

  • Take US-50 BUS W heading east out of Pueblo
  • Stay on it until you pass the 7Q ranch and begin heading southeast
  • After a few thousand feet, turn left heading straight east on Apple Road
  • In about 2,500 feet... you're there!!!
Cousin Eddie filming location Colorado map 1
Google Maps

With moderate navigation skills, and a little luck, you will hopefully find yourself standing in front of a house that looks exactly like this:

Well, that was 1983. Here's how this same property looks as of 2021:

Cousin Eddie filming location Colorado today
Google Maps
Cousin Eddie filming location Colorado overhead
Google Maps / Canva

Have You Ever Heard of Boone, Colorado?

I was "today" years old when I first heard of Boone, Colorado. I was born and raised in the state, but until now, had no idea it existed.

According to Uncover Colorado, Boone is a statutory town boasting a population of 339. Incorporated in 1956, you'll find the town in Pueblo County, resting at an altitude of 4,465 feet.

How Long of a Drive?

That, of course, depends on your starting location. For your convenience, here's a short list of Colorado starting points:

  • Grand Junction to Cousin Eddie's: 304 miles
  • Denver to Cousin Eddie's: 152 miles
  • Colorado Springs to Cousin Eddie's: 63.3 miles
  • Gunnison to Cousin Eddie's: 180 miles

Road Trip!

This would be the perfect family vacation, no pun intended. Imagine taking the drive and getting your family's photo in front of the homestead.

For the record: This is not an established tourist attraction. This location is, in fact, someone's house. Speaking as someone who has an interest in such things, namely tracking down filming locations, I can tell you, there may be times when your curiosity is not appreciated nor met with open arms and a warm welcome.

Keep in mind that my last two vacations involved traveling to Manhattan to find and photograph the Ghostbusters firehouse:

Ghostbusters Headquarters in Manhattan 1
Waylon Jordan / Canva

...and traveling to Los Angeles to visit the spot where Captain Kirk battled the Gorn on Star Trek:

Spock on Vulcan - Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

The Next Time You Are Out and About

Cousin Eddie's homestead is quite a ways from I-70. If, however, you find yourself cruising I-25 anywhere near Colorado Springs or Pueblo, it might be worth the detour. Visiting filming locations from your favorite movies and TV shows can be fun.

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