Looking for a great vacation rental near downtown Grand Junction? Sure we have plenty of great hotels, but the Grand Valley is also loaded with some really cool Airbnb rentals.

Today we are headed to downtown Grand Junction to take a look at the St. Regis Loft Airbnb, located inside the historic St. Regis Hotel on Colorado Avenue.

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Where is the St. Regis Airbnb Located?

You'll find the St. Regis building at 359 Colorado Avenue in Grand Junction. The building began as a three-phase project in the 1890s and grew to its current size by 1924. The rental is accessed through a private entrance on the 4th street side of the building with a private elevator to the top.

How Many Guests Can Stay Here?

The St. Regis Loft Airbnb has room for six guests. There are three bedrooms with a total of three beds. The rental includes a private parking space in the St. Regis lot and is centrally located downtown near shopping and restaurants. This Airbnb is hosted by Superhost Kali. She is the Owner and General Manager of the Gonzo Inn as well as rental properties in Moab, Utah. She can't wait to help you enjoy your stay.

Is the St Regis Building Haunted?

There is no getting around the history of the St. Regis building or the strange videos people have captured over the years. When you see this loft for yourself, the last thing you'll think about is ghosts. Let's take a look inside

Did You Know You Can Spend the Night in Grand Junction's St Regis Building?

Grand Junction's historic St. Regis building is home to the Fiesty Pint, Hotel St. Regis, and an Airbnb rental that offers a great view of the downtown area. Need a rental for business or pleasure in Grand Junction? You won't find a better location.

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