Everywhere you look on the internet, there are stories that seem too good to be true. Where do you go to make sure what you're reading is legit or not? Snopes.com, that's where.

We did some searching for stories about Colorado, and we weren't let down by the outrageous things people believe.

Shortly after Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana, ridiculous stories began popping up. Like the pot shop in Colorado, that allowed the use of food stamps to buy food items containing weed. Obviously, this isn't true. The article came from the satire news site, National Report.

WHO?! are you gonna call when you need legal representation? How about the stuffed owl that adorns your fireplace mantel. Charles Abbott of Aspen was accused of violating a personal protection order from his ex-roommate. At the beginning of the hearing, Abbott   placed a stuffed owl, named Solomon, on the desk in front of him saying the owl would be his representation. According to Abbott, the owl held legal degrees from Yale, Harvard, and Stanford.

Sometime in 2001, a story was circulating that a man found a human penis in his bottle of fruit punch. According to the story, the guy chugged half the bottle when he noticed the severed johnson in the bottom of his bottle. The fruity phallus prompted the company to recall that line of drink. After examination by a coroner, the schlong turned out to be mold that grew in the bottle due to improper sealing of the lid.

"Sticky-finger stoners" loved stealing the 420 mile-marker signs on Interstate 70. The Colorado Department of Transportation was sick and tired of replacing the signs and had to do something about it. Sometime in 2013, CDOT replaced the "420" signs with "419.99" to thwart off would-be sign swindlers.

If you live in Colorado, you definitely know what a cattle guard is -- we run over them on a daily basis. Well, a couple of our Presidents wanted to fire half of our cattle guards, because, why do cows need guards? Back in 2010, an apparent letter from President Obama to the Secretary of Interior addressed firing thousands of cattle guards in Colorado. This joke has been circulating since the 1960s and has popped up in other states like New Mexico, Michigan, and Canada.

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