This story has been going around for a couple of years now, so it's time to confirm whether or not the Colorado Rockies are selling pot brownies at concession stands.

According to Snopes, the rumor started a couple of years ago. News started popping up on social media saying the Rockies would be selling pot brownies along with the hot dogs and nachos. The story even quoted a Rockies' official saying the green light had been given to start selling pot brownies.

The story also said Rockies' officials were "thrilled" about the new menu item because of the thousands of dollars in revenue it would generate.

The story circulated again in recent weeks, and though the notion seemed ridiculous, a lot of people were wondering if it possibly could be true.

On one hand it could be true since recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado. However, the consumption of pot in public remains highly illegal, even at a major league ballpark.

The story, of course, is completely false.

Snopes says it is a product of the fake news site Empire Sports. As much as the Rockies could use the extra money to land a couple more big names, Rockies' brownies are as fictitious as the idea of the Colorado Rockies winning the pennant.

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