Driving through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado can zap your energy and leave you looking for a way to recharge. This is especially true when driving through bad weather or when the drive is prolonged by delays caused by heavy traffic. Is sleeping overnight in your car at a Colorado rest area an option, or is this illegal?

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Keep reading to find out the best options for fatigued drivers in the Centennial State, and to find out what your options are at Colorado rest areas on I-70 and elsewhere.

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Sleeping Overnight At Rest Areas

No state or federal law prohibits sleeping in your car in Colorado. Posted signs that prohibit overnight or long-term parking make spending the night in your car "illegal" and can vary by municipality. When it comes to Colorado rest areas, overnight parking is NOT permitted. CDOT posts signs at Highway Rest/Safety Areas throughout Colorado that specifically prohibit overnight parking or camping at these rest areas. This makes sleeping overnight at a rest area something that can earn you a costly fine between $50 and $100.

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Short-Term Rest at Rest Areas

In Colorado, sleeping in your car overnight (long-term) in a rest area is not permitted. However, taking a nap in your car at a rest area for a couple of hours is part of why Colorado has highway rest areas. Their purpose is to alleviate driver fatigue and drowsy driving. Colorado's State Highway Utility Accommodation Code (2 CCR 601-18) describes a rest area as a place where travelers can access drinking water, toilets, telephones, and travel information, and recover from 'driver fatigue'.

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