As of January 1st, Colorado joined 14 other states in increasing it's minimum wage.

Increasing eight cents to $8.31 an hour, it however, has not stopped the debate among employees and employers.

The story comes from Tanni Deb at KKCO TV. She interviewed local Grand Junction business owners, along with some employees, to find out their feelings about the wage increase.

Around the country there have been protests and demonstrations demanding that the minimum wage be upped to anywhere from $12-$15 an hour. Washington D.C. leads the country with a minimum wage of $10.50 an hour.

The law, now, requires that the minimum wage be automatically adjusted to meet inflation. However, some say that every time the wage increases, prices go up. Then according to the law, then the wage has to be increased. Because higher prices equals inflation. It's a circle that can't seem to be broken.








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