As of today, hourly paid workers are going to see a little bit more in their paychecks.

Amendment 70 was voted on and passed, in November, by Colorado residents. It will increase the minimum hourly wage to $9.30. That's up from $8.31 previous amount. It  will continue to raise that wage $.90 each year until 2020, when the minimum will stand at $12.00 an hour.

There have debates about this issue for both sides.

-Business owners won't be able to afford the increase and may have to potentially cut some of their staff.

-The raise will add more spendable income in people's pocket, which hopefully, will they will spend locally causing an uptick in the local economy.

My question is 'Is this a sliding scale adjustment?' If you were making $9.31 an hour on December 31st is your wage going to be increased proportionately? It doesn't seem fair if you were making a dollar MORE than minimum wage due to a raise, etc. that you are being reduced to making minimum wage.




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