The Federal Minimum wage is $7.25 seriously does the government actually think a person could live on $7.25 an hour? The minimum wage in Colorado is $11.10 an hour well above the Federal minimum wage.

If you are single and have to pay rent there is no way you can buy a car make a rent payment buy your gas and be able to eat on $7.25 an hour. If you work 80 hours in a two week period your gross pay is only $580.00. So your total monthly gross would be $1160.00.  You would probably be taking home around $900.00 a month. I think a person would have to work a couple of jobs just to make ends meet. There are other states that pay higher in Washington state the minimum starting wage is $12.00 an hour in Seattle it is $15.00 dollars an hour. The Federal Government needs to get a clue.

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