Matt Smiley, of Fairplay, Colorado caught a fish the size of a young child.

The lake trout he caught in Utah measured 48 inches in length and weighed in at a whopping 53 pounds. The best part? It's a catch and release area so he had to place it back in the water. That means, you too, could find this huge fish on your line.

Flaming Gorge reservoir, where the fish was caught, is a hotbed for trout, but few if any, have ever seen one this big. Smiley was so excited about the weight of the fish he almost didn't measure it.

Smiley caught the fish on May 4 and once he weighed it was about to return it to the lake when his friend asked him for a tape measure. Smiley was happy to have the weight for the fish, but once they measured it, they knew they had some kind of record.

As a comparison, an average seven-year-old boy has a height of 48 inches and an average weight of 51 pounds, according to the National Center for Health Statistics of the Centers for Disease Control.

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