Normally, top ten is a great place to finish. But, not this time. Colorado drivers rank as some of the worst drivers in the United States.

QuoteWizard has just released their results of a study determining who are the WORST drivers in the United States.  These findings are based on actual facts and figures such as speeding tickets, DUI convictions, accidents and fatal crashes.

Colorado finishes at #8. Nothing to be proud of, for sure, but at least we are not the absolute worst. Here are the Top 10 (or worst 10):

  • 10. Arizona
  • 9.  Washington
  • 8.  Colorado
  • 7.  North Dakota
  • 6.  South Carolina
  • 5.  Nebraska
  • 4.  Maine
  • 3.  Virginia
  • 2.  California

#1 - Utah

That's right. Our neighbors to the West have been named the worst drivers in the country. Utah drivers finished second overall for both speeding and total accidents, plus a fourth place for minor citations and number nine in DUIs.

We were singled out in this study. Here is what the authors had to say about The Centennial State:

In Colorado, it is yet another list car owners don't want to be on, according to insurance industry experts.

"Colorado is on that collision course of all of these factors: more drivers, more drivers getting in crashes, more bad drivers," said Carole Walker, the executive director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.

Walker said Colorado is also second in the nation for hail insurance claims and fourth for physical damage claims.

"The trends we have seen in the past five years in Colorado double digit increases in car insurance premiums that are just starting to hit people’s premium notices," said Walker. "Unfortunately, that is adding up to higher insurance premiums for everyone."

Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call for all of us to pay more attention when we are behind the wheel. Put the phone down. Take the headphones off. Turn the radio down (unless you're listening to KEKB :P) and keep your eyes and ears open.

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