Which Colorado city was voted one of the rudest places in the United States?

Readers of Time + Leisure voted Colorado Springs at #9.

Why are people in Colorado Springs considered rude? Could it be the altitude? Weather? It is a beautiful, very touristy town. Maybe that's it, all the tourism. I don't know.

The results come from a recent survey to determine who the winners (or would it be losers?) are.

Top five are:

  • 5) Philadelphia
  • 4) Los Angeles
  • 3) New Your City
  • 2) Phoenix
  • 1) Miami

Readers were asked about such features as quality of life, how safe the city feels, how the locals treat out of towners, the ease of getting around in the city and more. The cities eligible had to have a population of more than 100,000, therefore Grand Junction could not be involved. But, how do you think we would finish in a survey like this? Are locals kind or dismissive to out of towners?

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