Who is the most streamed artist in Colorado? It's GOT to be a Country artist, right?

We just had 23,000 people each and every night at Country Jam, yet not ONE Country act made the Top Ten list of streaming artists in Colorado. Here is the breakdown:

10) Twenty One Pilots 

9) Beyonce

8) Ed Sheeran

7) Rihanna 

6) The Weeknd

5) Adele

4) Kevin Gates

3) Eminem 

2) Bruno Mars

Finally, the number one streamed artist in Colorado is:

1) Drake

Well, at least I have heard of most of these artists. Kevin Gates and Twenty Pilots are the two I have no idea who or what they are.

I can accept Adele, Beyonce and Bruno Mars because they seem to transfer across all types of genres and all types of music fans. My mom even likes Beyonce and she is as hardcore country as you can get.

I will admit to knowing all the words of at least one Eminem song. But, I'm not telling which one.

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