You might want to brush up on these Colorado driving laws before hitting the roads this morning. You'll definitely want to make sure you check out the yellow light law.

We all think that we are the 'World's Best Driver' and that everyone else is clueless on how to drive. So, thanks to Denver7, let's conduct a quick refresher course, so we all may be on the same page. Here are some of Colorado's most violated rules:

  • No Cell Phones Under 18 - Drivers under 18 are "additionally prohibited" (?) from phone use while behind the wheel.
  • No Headphones - Against the law to wear them when driving.
  • How to merge - Merging vehicles must give the right-of-way to all oncoming drivers. Do not merge if another vehicle has to slow down for you.
  • Crash into a parked car - You must call the police and leave a note (if unable to find the owner).
  • Code 15 - All vehicles must have at least one of these: snow tires with minimum 1/8" tread or all weather tires with mud and snow (M/S) and 1/8" tread or four-wheel drive with 1/8" tread or Traction devices.
  • One way left turn on red light - Unless otherwise stated, a left turn IS allowed from a one-way road to another.
  • Narrow mountain road - Vehicle headed downhill MUST give the right of way to oncoming traffic.
  • Yellow light - NOT illegal to drive through a yellow light.
  • Turning into closest lane - Whenever turning at an intersection you MUST turn into the closest lane to you.

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