Is the Regis Building in Grand Junction haunted? You may think differently after watching these crazy videos.

A man by the name of Frank Wagner recently was checking out one of my Haunted Grand Junction posts, when he reached out to me and told he had some chilling, spooky video from 2009 at the historic St. Regis Hotel building.

We asked him to send it over and he did. Here, in his own words, he describes the videos:

This is the old st regis building (SIC). The alley way in the back. I worked there in 2009 when the la  Louisiana gumbo (SIC)  opened. I was a cook who got hired on. Well there was a person who ripped the copper piping off the back wall in the alley. So the next morning my boss came to me in the beginning of the shift. And said do you believe in ghost? (SIC) I said of course. She said come here. I have somthing to show you. She showed me this. I recorded it off the security monitor with my phone. Thats why the quality is bad. But its (SIC) all legit. When Naggy mcgees (SIC) opened i (SIC) went in there and showed the owner at the time the video. Its (SIC) chilled her to the bone. She told me that they had a busser walk out because she felt somthing grab her from behind. The building is extremely haunted. And the tenants upstairs will tell you the same.

OK, cue the spooky music. Was that enough to make you shudder?

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