Have you ever worked on a work project so passionately in your life that you thought, "When I die, I'd like to be buried at [workplace]?"

So I guess I can see farmers, mountain men, or any other outdoorsy people wanting to have their ashes sprinkled into the wind on their farm, in the mountains, or dumped off the cliff from which they once bungee jumped. But what about having your body buried at a commercial haunted house where people pay to visit and get chased by chainsaws every Halloween?

Supposedly that's the case with the founder of the Frightmare Compound haunted house in Westminster.

According to its website, the Frightmare Compound's founder Brad Holder "obsessively" built Denver's first haunted house attraction in 1983. For the next 16 years, he worked to make it the scariest haunted house in the area. Perhaps the weirdest thing about it now is that his body is rumored to be buried in the deepest caverns of the haunted barn.

Since his death, millions of dollars were invested to keep the Frightmare Compound the scariest haunted house in Denver. It's even drawn national attention for how creepy it is, and now it's easy to see why: a dude who loves scaring the crap out of people is buried there, and he probably haunts the place because that's what he was so passionate about. (Because who wouldn't want to continue doing what they love even after their passing, even if it's a little strange?)

Aside from that, the barn is said to have been built on unholy grounds in the late 1800s. In modern times, "unspeakable events" have taken place there involving the excavation of both human and animal remains. (Who knows if that's actually true.)

I've never been to the Frightmare Compound but judging by the video below, it looks pretty intense. Patrons encounter zombies, blood-sucking creatures, and chainsaw-wielding creep-o's as they make their way through the catacombs and caverns, only to exit into the wet swamp lands greeted by even more scary crap.

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