If only these lonely streets could talk. An adventurer has shared a video of Piedmont, Wyoming which is now a ghost town but used to have 4 saloons.

Alexander Supertramp recently dropped his experience walking through what used to be the booming town of Piedmont, Wyoming.

Alexander shared this in his video description:

On this video I explore a Wyoming ghost town of Piedmont. It was established in 1869 and the town flourished until the rail roads were moved and no one went to this town anymore. It once boasted 4 saloons, a store and even a school. There's not much left now.

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Wikipedia adds even more backstory to the history of this Wyoming land. According to that page, Piedmont was actually established a couple years earlier than Alexander recalls in 1867 to provide railroad ties for the Union Pacific Railroad. It also is known as hosting one of the first ranches in the Wyoming territory. Piedmont also became known as a logging area.

When I see remnants of this era in Wyoming I wonder what changed to cause its decline. Wikipedia notes that downfall began around the turn of the century when the railroad opened new routes to the south through Aspen. It was 30 years later that the general store in Piedmont closed from a lack of business.

It appears that vandals have left Piedmont more or less untouched. Let's hope that remains as this is the era of Wyoming that younger generations need to always have available to explore.

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