Welcome to our latest location on the 'Haunted Grand Junction' Tour. This is the Elks Lodge #575. 

The building is located at 249 South 4th Street downtown Grand Junction, but the stories originate from a few feet below that.

Now, I am not claiming anything to be true or untrue. Merely relaying stories from others and passing them onto you.

Thanks to Dio and Byron on our KEKB Facebook page, I decided to check this classic building out. Dio claims that there are secret tunnels running underneath and Byron has heard some spooky stories about the mysterious basement.

I contacted a wonderful lady named Terri who was nice enough to give me a tour and shared her stories about this historic building. We started at the bar, where workers claim that the spinning drum, seen in the photo gallery, will spin all by itself!

Next we went down into the basement, where Terri told me that there ARE actual tunnels under the street! The white door in the picture led to one of those tunnels that would take you to the St. Regis Hotel. Back in those days, 3rd Street and Colorado was the 'red light district.' Secret passages were needed.

The red-carpeted room, Terrie said, is the place where most paranormal researchers have experienced something unusual.

Then we went upstairs to what looks like a meeting hall. The best story was one about this room. There was a gathering one time, for the 11 p.m. toast, when the piano keys (pictured) began to tinkle all by themselves!

I will say that the building is amazing. It's beautiful and has been very well kept up since being built in 1913. It is a huge piece of Grand Junction history. As far as my visit, I did not witness anything strange. Of course, I was only there for 30 minutes at 11 a.m. Probably not true ghost hours!

Where do we go next? That's up to you. Have you heard of rumored haunted locations, buildings or even trails in or around the Grand Junction area? Tell us. Head to our Facebook page or e mail keyes@townsquaremedia.com.

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