I am a pretty skeptical person. I've done a lot of professional photo and video, so when someone tells me they have a photo or video of a ghost, I begin determined to debunk it. But, this video which I've just come across is something I can't explain. It shows two apparitions crossing a road and it is legitimately creepy.

I first saw this video as my wife and I were exploring the new Discovery Plus streaming service. I believe the show was Paranormal Caught on Camera. It shows two "things" crossing a road in front of a driver in India.

The skeptic in me is always looking for how this could be a hoax. Several things in this video make me wonder though. It's easy to overlay one video on top of another. But, this driver flashes his lights and you can see the images from several different camera angles which is normally not what you do if you're trying to pull a fast one.

The headlight reflects off of whatever these two apparitions are in an accurate fashion. If you look at the bottom of the white beings, you can also see some type of leg movement. Could it be two humans covered in some type of luminescent sheet? Sure, but it doesn't look like an easy prank if that's what it is.

The other thing that makes me wonder if it's legit is the driver's reaction to backup and go the other direction would be a natural fear response. I know I'd be hightailing it out of there if I saw something like this.

What do you think? Ghost, hoax or something else? The truth is out there.

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