Halloween is right around the corner and I have found a few places in Colorado that are creepy as heck. Places where lights flicker, chairs move and spooky stuff abounds.

Come with me as we tour these places. But be warned, you may not come out of these the way you went in.

Yak and Yeti - Arvada

Back in the 1940's, this place was a private home. The homeowner at the time, the Van Voorhis family, saw their matriarch, Cora Van Voorhis fall down the stairs and break her neck. Now, this restaurant in old town Arvada, they have seen lights flicker, chairs move and heard voices. They even have a study done by the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Institute.

The Denver Spiderman Murder House - Denver

Colorado's Creepiest Places

This is just plain weird. in 1941, police found a man bludgeoned to death in his home. The weird part was that all the doors were locked, as were all of the windows. This went unsolved for an entire year until the police saw movement in an upstairs window, where a homeless man had been living inside a tiny cubby hole. This man was surprised by the homeowner as he looked for food and killed him. And remained in the house.

This place is now a banquet hall but was built in 1889 by a woman named Jennie Rodgers, who is buried under even another name. Mattie Silks took over the place and it was ultimately closed because of a moral reform movement. Workers there say the piano on the second floor still plays by itself.

Patterson Inn - Denver

This Capitol Hill establishment even looks scary. Apparently, dogs think so too, as the story is told of a pair of guard dogs who were so scared of the place they jumped out of a third-story window to get out.

Want to stay the night here? You can try.

That's right. A museum for prisons. It's probably not all that creepy, right?


This former women's prison in Canon City sits across from an actual prison, so don't get them confused, but on the tour, you can see what was once an actual working gas chamber, as well as see the photographs of a haunted cell where things float and coughing is heard. Creepy enough for ya?

So that, dear friends, should get you started on your haunted tour. Have a ghoulishly good time!

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