The Croke- Patterson Mansion in Denver once serving several purposes is a gorgeous hotel called The Patterson Inn.

This hotel looks fabulous I went to the Patterson website to check it out and was surprised about how stately it seemed. Each of the nine rooms is designed with a different theme. They all look very comfortable. It is hard to believe that this hotel could very well be haunted. There are many stories about the Croke-Patterson Mansion. According to legend, some spooky things are going on at the Croke-Patterson Mansion.

The Patterson Mansion when it was built the owner only entered the building one time. Something frightened, so he never returned. Then it was sold a couple of years later to Thomas M. Patterson it was once a dance studio, boarding home, radio station, and an office building. It was in the 1970's that crews working on the building had some bizarre, unexplained experiences. Things were turning on and off, and work they had done completed found ruined.

There is even a story of guard dogs left there to protect the property found unresponsive jumping from a third story window.
If you are brave, maybe you might want to check out this beautiful hotel.

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