A Colorado driver is at wit's end when it comes to drivers hogging the passing lane, and he wants social media to do something about it.

You've been through this. You're driving down the highway or interstate, and there's that one guy hogging the left lane. With him cruising along with the flow of traffic, it becomes impossible to pass. One Denver resident has had enough.

James wrote to Denver7 with the following request.

I am requesting something for all Denver Residents. Is it possible to make a comment during every traffic update that reminds everybody that all Federally Funded Interstates, Freeways, etc., no matter what state you are in, the law is, if you are not passing, stay out of the left lane! It is a PASSING LANE!  It is not just to cruise along with all the other traffic in the other lanes, so remember, if you’re not passing, stay out of the left lane, Please! These people cause more accidents from everybody getting frustrated and punching it to go around and end up crashing or getting crashed into.

According to Denver7, the law regarding the left lane reads “A person shall not drive a motor vehicle in the passing lane of a highway if the speed limit is sixty-five miles per hour or more unless such person is passing other motor vehicles that are in a non-passing lane or turning left, or unless the volume of traffic does not permit the motor vehicle to safely merge into a non-passing lane.”

Well, James, here in Grand Junction we don't really have that many traffic reports. It's going to be difficult to spread the message. In any event, should we post a road report involving a fallen rock on I-70 or a crash on Patterson, I'll be sure to share your message.

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