Have you noticed the fenced in lot next to the old Johnson's House of Flowers on North Avenue in Grand Junction? What are they building, and who's moving in?

The area on the north side of the 1300 block of North Avenue has been fenced off. The lot has been a dirt field since the old greenhouse portion of Johnson's House of Flowers was torn down ages ago.

You'll be pleased to know who's moving in. The address, 1350 North Avenue, is going to be a new Starbucks. Wow! That's a pretty big lot for a Starbucks. Obviously, this isn't going to be some quaint little cubby located in the front of a grocery store. This is going to be the real deal.

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Waylon Jordan

My family built the apartments at 1313 Glenwood, right next door to this lot. That was back in 1976. My dad and uncle built the apartments, and my mom roofed them. Considering I was six at the time, I played in the dirt.

Little did we know back in 1976 that the neighboring lot would one day be a Starbucks. Back then nobody had ever heard of such a thing. Coffee was something you either made at home or drank when you went to the "coffee shop."

How things have changed. At one point in time, there was an enormous tree occupying part of that lot. My bunch cut it down. I'm not sure, but I believe some of that wood is still in my Grandpa's woodpile up on Little Park Road.

A Starbucks. That's crazy. I love coffee, or I should say, loved, past tense, coffee. I had to give it up. I'm still delighted to see them opening a new location. College kids will love it. Welcome to North Avenue, Starbucks.

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