Monday, July 17, is national "Tattoo Day." If you've been considering getting some ink, check out some of Grand Junction's finest artwork.

How does one celebrate Tattoo Day? One option would be to get a tattoo of your own. Do you have a piece that needs more work? Perhaps now is the time to give it the finishing touches.

Grand Junction offers a wide variety of excellent shops. Are you in need of ideas? With a little help from social media, take a look at several examples currently on "mobile" display around Grand Junction.

The tattoo seen directly above is absolutely fantastic! How did they do that?

Happy "Tattoo Day." For those already inked, get out and celebrate. If you're looking to augment work you've already had done, this is the day to do it. If you're like me and don't have a tattoo, maybe it's time to give it some thought.

Bonus Videos:

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