What happened to this popular restaurant at the corner of 7th and North Avenue in Grand Junction? I swear I had lunch there just a few days ago.

I was on my way to my favorite lunch spot today, and POOF!... it was gone. Bocaza Mexican Grill at 644 North Avenue has been a hot spot for the health crowd for over a decade. Sadly, it's gone. Look at the photo above and see the sad expression on my face in the reflection.

Seriously, for years the fitness and bodybuilding crowd from the areas most popular gyms called this restaurant home. They served health conscious foods piled high with white or brown rice. The health nuts like the brown rice and this place served it in abundance. The fitness competitors from the old Ultimate Fitness should have just moved into the place. They went there three meals per day.

Its location was a winner. One block from Grand Junction High School, and roughly five blocks from Colorado Mesa University.

Personally, I never had breakfast there, but word on the street is it was fantastic.

Fast forward to today. Lunch time rolls around, and I jump in the truck to drive three blocks to the plaza including R.E.I. and Zoup. Bocaza was located in the far west unit at the end of the plaza. I parked, walked up to the door, and proceeded to panic. The lights were off, chairs were stacked on top of tables, and workers were unloading trucks.

Farewell Bocaza, I miss you already. Do you know what I really loved about this place? They had the same employees forever. Seriously, the one young lady worked there at least ten years. In an industry with a fast turnover, this is really saying something. One can only assume it was an excellent place to work.

So, what's next? I spoke with the workers unloading equipment into the unit. They said "Doug's Diner" is moving in. They assured me the food will be excellent. I guess we'll find out.

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