The city of Grand Junction is blessed to have so many great parks, but the best playground in town is at Canyon View Park.

Often times I talk about the great parks we have in Grand Junction. It's one of the best things about living here. Whether you want a place to go for a walk, a picnic, or just hang out - chances are there is a city park nearby.

For those that have kids, more than 20 of Grand Junction's city parks have playgrounds. Of course, some are larger than others, but they all seem to be pretty nice with modern playground equipment.

Times Have Changed and So Have Playgrounds

I have noticed that times have clearly changed since I was a kid. Back in the day, a good playground consisted of a swing set, a slide, a merry-go-round, and maybe monkey bars. Nowadays, the playgrounds have so much more fun stuff to play on. The playing surface quite often is also very different than it used to be. It appears gravel playgrounds are a thing of the past.

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Canyon View Park Playground Is the Best

While many Grand Junction parks have playgrounds, the king-of-the-hill is clearly Canyon View Park. The playground is huge and features an amazing variety of equipment to climb on, climb over, climb through, swing, and slide. For kids ages 2-5, this is playground heaven. For kids up to age 12, they are gonna have a blast.

If you haven't been out to Canyon View Park lately, or maybe you've never been over by the playground, I have put together a photo gallery that shows a lot of what Canyon View Park playground has to offer. And as much as I'm showing here, it seems like there is a whole lot more to this playground. I'm not a kid, and I can't speak from experience, but, Canyon View Park Playground is truly an amazing place for kids and definitely the best playground in Grand Junction.

Grand Junction's Best Playground

The city of Grand Junction has so many great parks for picnics, walking, and playing. We have some great playgrounds, but the best one is at Canyon View Park. The only problem with the park is that kids have so much fun playing on it, they never want to leave. Here's a look at some of the really cool playground attractions at Canyon View Park.

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