Brantley Gilbert's sense of style on the red carpet has evolved and improved through the years, from camo and tank tops to suits and flair. We have his wife to thank for that.

Gilbert credits his wife Amber for cleaning him up nicely over the past few years. Gilbert says in an interview with his record label Big Machine, “I think she’s definitely kinda easing me into that. I mean, if you remember I have showed up in tank tops, camouflage tank tops. Even at one awards show I was running late and I was on my motorcycle and got caught in the rain and so I just showed up in what I had on.”

Since marrying Amber, Gilbert has been happy to play along and be her willing participant in something that his wife enjoys. "She loves getting dressed up; and God, she’s so gorgeous when she does," Gilbert dotes.

But for Gilbert, his favorite look on his wife is when she's relaxed at home. “She’s absolutely beautiful to me when she’s around the house in yoga pants," he laughs. “I’m a yoga pants fan, and my wife is hotter than fire, so she’s always beautiful to me. But I do know she enjoys getting dressed up and I try my best now to kind of play along. She likes seeing me dressed up. It’s not my favorite thing in the world, but I’ll do it for her.”

Gilbert most recently rocked a cleaned-up look at the 2019 ACM Awards earlier this month, where he and his sweetie stunned on the red carpet.

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