The Boy Scouts of America announced last year that it would welcome girls for the first time in its century-long history, with that comes a name change it will now be called Scouts BSA.

Beginning in February 2019, the Boy Scouts of America will be known as Scouts BSA. The Boy Scouts will soon include girls, and not everyone is happy about it.
Girl Scout leaders say they were blindsided by the move, and they are gearing up an aggressive campaign to recruit and retain girls as members.

Some people do not like the idea of girls being allowed to join the Boy Scouts. However, remember there was also a time when women were not allowed to play golf.

Golf: Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden.

Times are changing its uncomfortable at first then you get use it. I sat on the board a few times and interviewed potential Eagle Scouts and asked them what they thought about girls joining the organization 100 percent said they welcomed them.

The 107-year-old organization said that younger girls would be allowed to join Cub Scouts and that older girls will be eligible to earn the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout.

The BSA says it wants to “meet the needs” of modern families. This included the fact that families and girls had been asking to join for “many years.”

The rank of Eagle Scout is a prestigious and widely recognized achievement, one that can have long-term benefits in academic, professional, and even military spheres.

While there is a rough equivalent in the Girl Scouts -- the Gold Award -- the honor is not nearly as well known as the Eagle Scout distinction.

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