Baba, the barber from Pushkar, India, has taken the basic shave and cosmic head massage to an all new level with his latest video. Don't settle for just any cosmic head massage. Be sure to get the full "Baba" deluxe treatment. Definitely be sure to try out what ever it is that's going on at 4:47.

Yes, there's nothing like having someone rubbing a ping pong ball on your forehead to make all your worries just melt away. It is still not entirely understood what the therapeutic benefits are of whatever it is he is doing at 5:01.

Please, always remember the immortal words of Baba... and please also take into account that English isn't his first language.

Remember always to breet, relaxx, and spread the world. There's a lot of people who need to relaxx and have a good sleep. We can save them from daily frenzy, hypertension, and stress!!"