Give the gift of improved healing potential and increased fertility for Mother's Day. Nothing says "I love you, Mom" like a session of having suction cups stuck to her to mobilize blood flow and correct some gynecological disorders.

Cupping therapy is a Chinese form of alternative medicine where cups are attached to Mom's skin via suction. This suction can be achieved either by flame, or by more contemporary means involving a  machine or a handheld pump.


Cupping practitioners claim the procedure helps mobilize blood flow and promote healing. The vacuum on the client's skin created by cupping helps to move stagnant blood and lymph, consequently improving Mom's flow of "gi." How many times have you heard your own mother say, "If only I had less stagnation in my blood and a better flow of gi"?


One very predictable outcome of having the cups suctioned to Mom involves the remaining "hickey." Small circles are left behind, resulting in the appearance that Mom had just been savagely attacked by an octopus. The good news is, the circles dissipate quickly, usually in a few days.

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There exists variations on Cupping, some of which include actually drawing blood via small incisions with a razor, to placing several cups in a stationary position for an extended period.


My personal experience to cupping therapy involves the more subtle cupping massage, and in some instances, having cups placed in specific areas for extended period of time. The result is very relaxing, therapeutic, and amazingly effective in treating certain issues, including muscle tension, fatigue, and stress. I would also state for the record the effectiveness demonstrated by cupping in the treatment of lipomas. The variation on cupping involving the drawing of blood is simply out of the question.

Give Mom the gift she's been asking for, even though she may not realize it, with the gift of Cupping. Many of your local massage therapists, alternative medicine outlets, and even some Asian manicure/pedicure outlets offer the service. Of course, you can also pursue cupping therapy from many an "underground" back alley therapist as well.

Mother's Day is coming up May 14th, so make an appointment for Mom today!

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